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A Variety of Experiences

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We are delighted to offer you a variety of experiences that celebrate the beauty and culture of gastronomy. Our events are centered around the principles of sustainability, community, and collaboration with local producers. Whether you are a wine enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking an authentic and unique experience, we have something for you.

Our wine tastings showcase the diverse and high-quality wines produced across the globe, with expert guidance from local sommeliers. Our cooking classes offer a hands-on opportunity to learn traditional recipes, using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.


In addition to these experiences, we also offer collaborations with local producers, including olive oil makers, cheese artisans, and bread bakers, who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical production methods.

Our events are designed to immerse you in flavour and tradition, while also supporting local businesses and promoting a more sustainable way of life.


We invite you to join us in experiencing the best that La Bottega has to offer.

No events at the moment
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